The Vacon NXP liquid-cooled variable speed AC drive is the most space-saving AC drive in the market, well suited for locations where air cooling would be difficult, expensive or impractical or where the installation space is at a premium.

The liquid-cooled Vacon NXP AC drives are available from 5.5 to 5,300 kW at 380 to 690 VAC supply voltages. These drives are suitable for different kinds of industries, e.g. the marine and offshore, the pulp and paper, as well as for the mining and metal industries.
Designed reliability
  • Proven technology, high-quality electrical components
  • Modularity
  • No galvanic contact between the coolant and live parts
  • Suits for induction and permanent magnet motors
  • Fulfils international safety and functionality standards, as well as classification requirements
  • Liquid cooling guarantees more stable conditions
  • Uninfluenced by variations in the environment
  • Enclosure temperature level can be high without risk of overheating
  • Adequate sizing sustains long life
  • Extensive and full power final testing on motor for whole drive system
  • All IGBTs are protected against overtemperature and overload
  • Double-shielded cooling circuitry
Wide application area
All applications for the air-cooled Vacon NXP are also available for the Vacon NX liquid-cooled drives. As a high degree of protection (IP54 or higher) can easily be achieved with these drives, they can be installed almost anywhere in the production area. This also reduces the load on the air-conditioning system in the electrical rooms in many retrofit applications this is an important consideration. As the liquid-cooled drives do not require large cooling fans, they are also quiet.
Vacon DriveSynch, fully redundant control of high-power drives
The Vacon DriveSynch, Vacon's new control concept for high-power drives, provides a high degree of redundancy in processes controlled by AC drives. It allows the control of one motor by means of 2 to 4 power units of 100 - 2,500 kW each. The Vacon DriveSynch is suited for the control of single- and multi-winding AC motors.
The Vacon DriveSynch brings major benefits especially for system integrators that design and deliver systems to demanding environments where redundancy is of utmost importance.
  • High power density, e.g, a 12-pulse CH74 is the smallest in the world; the rectifier and inverter in the same package
  • Extensive operating conditions, temperatures up to 50°C without derating, RH 5...96 %, vibrations up to 1 G
  • Less investments in infrastructure
  • No need for filtered cooling air or for a large air conditioning system
  • Substantial energy savings on the cooling arrangement
  • Takes less floor space
  • The most silent AC drive in the market, no large fans
  • High IP rating possible for severe and harsh environments
  • Heat losses to air less than 0.1...0.15 %
  • Separated motor cabling stands
  • High switching frequency reduces current ripple for motor, improving motor loadability in AC drive applications

Exclusively designed for liquid cooling

The Vacon NXP dissipates less than 5% of its total heat losses to air. A high-tech cooling heatsink enables better cooling efficiency and makes the cooling utilization ratio of the components higher than ever. The majority of other liquid-cooled drives in the market is based on modifications to an air-cooled drive.

Total lifetime costs

  • Compact size, less material and labour required
  • Space savings up to 70%
  • Smaller enclosure footprint
  • Efficiency >98.5%
  • Heat losses to air < 0.1...0.15% of handled power
  • Electrical energy savings between air-cooled and liquid-cooled drives
  • Power factor of 0.99 with Active Front-End
  • Modularity
  • Serviceability
Complete control platform
A robust modular design makes the Vacon NXP a platform for all drive needs in industrial, OEM, public and marine applications.
The core of the Vacon NXP is a fast micro controller, providing high dynamic performance for applications where good motor handling and reliability is required. It can be used both in open loop applications as well as in applications requiring encoder feedback.
The Vacon NXP supports fast drive-to-drive communication. It also offers an integrated data logger functionality for analysis of dynamic events without the need of additional hardware. Fast monitoring of several drives can be done simultaneously by using the Vacon NCDrive tool and CAN communication.
Overtemperature detection using a thermistor can be used as a tripping device for ATEX certified motors. The thermistor tripping function is certified by VTT according to the ATEX directive 94/9/EC, for group II, category (2) in the 'G' area (areas where potentially explosive gas, vapor, mist or air mixtures are present) and the 'D' area (area with combustible dust).
Safe Disable
A hardware-based Safe Disable function is designed to prevent any torque on the motor shaft. The Safe Disable function is certified according to EN954-1, Cat 3. The Safe Disable function has been certified by BGIA.
Liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers
In cooperation with HVAC professionals, Vacon has designed a range of liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers (HX), which improve the availability and usability of AC drive systems. The heat exchangers added to the liquid-cooled Vacon NXP range offer a reliable and cost-effective cooling without ventilation concerns.