Hansler Electric Motors has a purpose built maintenance and repair facility which caters for repairs and refurbishment to all types of electric motors. This facility can operate in 24/7 mode to ensure customer downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

We can also carry out immediate repairs after failure of rival manufacturer’s electric motors to ensure customer down time is minimised.

From our purpose built electric motor repair facility, rotating electric motors and machines can be dismantled, diagnosed, repaired and reassembled. From full rewind and overhauls to bearing changes, housing & frame reclamations, general repairs and full / part component replacement and integration. All repair aspects are fully catered for.

Our Comprehensive testing facilities allow us to run all motors at any frequency (1 Hz to 200 Hz), and our test instruments are traced and calibrated to international standards.

Hansler Electric Motors maintains its own engineering workshop to overcome delays and, again, keep customer downtime to an absolute minimum.

We also specialise in the upgrading or modifying of electric motors to given specifications with fast turnaround times. We can work with the following electric motor ranges:-

  • AC  rewinds, overhauls and repairs up to 710Kw
  • Squirrel cage, Square frame & Slip Ring Motors
  • Safe and Hazardous Area equipment