The Vacon 20 AC drive comes packed with functionality and possibilities to bring any machine control to a completely new level. The compact size in combination with a wide power range is the base, but the Vacon 20’s possibilities do not end there. A built-in PLC functionality, which is one of the most flexible on the market, makes this product adapt to every task and bring cost savings to the user.

In order for machine builders to be able to compete in an increasingly competitive market, it is important to continuously seek solutions to further improve performance and cost efficiency – Vacon 20 offers new possibilities here.
Key benefits
  • Fieldbus connectivity
  • Parameter copying without main power
  • Custom-made software possible
Technical highlights
  • Wide power range up to 18.5kW
  • High performance and functionality
  • Full I/0 + option board support
  • Fast installation and setup
  • Built-in choke as option in ?16A types
Typical applications
  • Pumps & Fans
  • Conveyors
  • Packaging, processing and washing machines
Wide power range
The Vacon 20 is available in all common voltages in the range of 110-600V. Combined with a wide power range up to 18.5kW /25 HP. The Vacon 20 has something for customers all over the globe. Customers can reduce costs by implementing our harmonized product range and increase efficiency in their manufacturing processes. In currents above 16A the drive is available with a built-in harmonic filtering choke for public networks according to IEC61000-3-12.
Cutting-edge performance
Machinery performance is very much dependent on the performance of the AC drive. In the Vacon 20 we have done our best to cut cycle times and maximize the control performance of the drive. The built-in RS-485 interface offers a cost effective and simple serial control interface for the drive. With optional modules, the Vacon 20 can be connected to almost any fieldbus system including CANOpen, DeviceNet and Profibus DP.
Fast installation and set-up
The Vacon 20 is designed for efficient volume manufacturing where every second in installation and configuration time counts. Easy access terminals, built-in DIN rail mounting and the MCA parameter copying tool which can clone settings without main power in the drive are all examples of features that help reduce start-up time.
Built-in PLC functionality based on IEC61131-3
The built-in PLC functionality presents an opportunity to increase machine performance and save costs. The customer can build his own control logic in the drive and utilize unused I/O of the drive for performing other machine related tasks. Another unique feature of the Vacon 20 is that the parameter list can be freely modified and application specific parameter sets and default settings can be created. By utilizing the opportunities of optimizing the drive control Vacon 20 can help make better and more cost efficient machine designs.