Hansler offer a complete 2 year warranty on all Motor / Inverter drive projects.

Hansler Electric Motors has carried out extensive testing using Vacon Inverters on a large number of its products. This testing has been aimed at a wide range of industries to include, manufacturing, IT (Data Centres), Health care, Food, Agricultural, Chemical, Oil & Gas.

Most of our rival manufacturer’s only offer a standard 12 month warranty package; Hansler offers a 2 year extended warranty as standard.

The fact that that Hansler has introduced such an extensive warranty is proof of the confidence we have in the quality and reliability of our products.

Advantages of AC Motors & Drives

Standard AC induction motors, are more reliable and cost effective than DC motors - for this reason they are very popular, but with standard direct on line starter their use is limited to fixed speed application. There are applications where, at times, the process can be run at a variable speed.

In doing so the peak demand and electric costs can be reduced. For such variable speed applications, a VFD or Variable Frequency Drive, also known as Variable Speed Drive, is needed. Their cost is more than standard direct online starters however energy savings over time can eventually pay off the higher initial capital cost.

Hansler AC induction motors are specifically  designed for use with variable frequency drives. These are commonly known as an inverter duty motors, Hansler Motors have windings that can withstand harmonics and higher voltages and are also designed with proper cooling to run at lower speeds.

In cases where the motor is run at frequencies of lower than 20 Hz, Hansler can install a forced ventilation kit to adequately cool their equipment.