Hansler has an extensive service and support department, which extends to every aspect of our electric motors, including:

Motor Starting Methods: Our technical service department ensures our electric motors run seamlessly with all methods of starting, to include Direct on line, Star Delta, Softstart and Inverter rated applications. We can also advise customers on the method they select for starting electric motors e.g. advising a customer on a suitable size/ type soft starter / inverter used on a 200KW crusher application.

Condition monitoring: Hansler has a wide range of conditional monitoring equipment which includes vibration analysis tools, balancing equipment  and specialised motor checking devices. These are used together with our years of experience and understanding to ensure that you’re Hansler Electric Motor is preforming to its optimum requirements.

Geared Unit Selection: As Hansler electric motors have a standard IEC footprint, their electric motors are suitable for a wide range of gearbox manufacturers which include but are not limited to,  Habasit Rossi, Flender, Motovario, David Brown, Bonfiglioli & Radicon. Hansler technical engineers can also help size & source specialised geared unit applications.

Efficiencies: At Hansler Electric motors we strive to get the most energy efficient and cost effective solutions to our customers, in line with EU Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS). We can help customers replace less efficient EFF2/EFF1 or IE1/IE2 Motors with IE3 Hansler Motors. We can help our customers calculate efficiencies and pay back times of their investment.

Non Painted aluminium Motors: Hansler Pioneering IP rated Non Painted Aluminium Motors for the food, beverage & pharmaceutical industries. In situations where motors are being constantly washed down, there is no flaking of paint which can occur with rival manufactures painted aluminium motors, leading to contamination of customer’s products & goods.

Customers can consult with Hansler technical engineers to ensure all aspects of the electric motor design, manufacture, delivery and installation are carried out to the highest standard on time and within budget.