Vacon 100

VACON 100 is a multipurpose drive that can be used in hundreds of different applications. Its versatility is what sets it apart from competitors, and the features it contains are designed to make it easy to run and maintain. Built-in Ethernet allows for easy integration to plant automation and VACON Live means the user can commission, maintain and monitor performance remotely.

Vacon NXP Liquid-cooled

The Vacon NXP liquid-cooled variable speed AC drive is the most space-saving AC drive in the market, well suited for locations where air cooling would be difficult, expensive or impractical or where the installation space is at a premium.

Vacon NXP Air-cooled

The Vacon NXP is a state-of-art variable speed AC drive for use in all applications where robustness, dynamic performance, precision and power are required in the power range from 0.75 to 3,250 kW.

Vacon NXL

Vacon's compact variable speed AC drives are easy to use and offer basic features for general applications. These drives are designed for fast and easy commissioning. For OEM customers, they offer optimum standard configurations but also versatile tailorability for customer-specific needs. The Vacon NXL is a compact AC drive for industrial and residential purposes. The Vacon 10 is an extremely compact AC drive that offers ultimate flexibility in integrating customer requirements into the AC drive.

Vacon 20

The Vacon 20 AC drive comes packed with functionality and possibilities to bring any machine control to a completely new level. The compact size in combination with a wide power range is the base, but the Vacon 20’s possibilities do not end there. A built-in PLC functionality, which is one of the most flexible on the market, makes this product adapt to every task and bring cost savings to the user.

Vacon 10

The Vacon 10 is an AC drive designed for applications where simplicity and efficiency are the key requirements. When you need a compact AC drive that does its job without extra hassle, the Vacon 10 is the product you should be taking a closer look at. The leading design feature of the Vacon 10 is simplicity, which means short handling time. It has all the functionality built into one simple unit. Our Vacon 10 customers appreciate a quick setup and compact size.

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